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Welcome to the City of Rockport!  Our city is defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values our residents hold dear.  We take pride in maintaining a wholesome lifestyle, rich in cultural history, along with a deep commitment to the preservation of our environment and a progressive approach to local business. 

Rockport was founded in 1846. Rockport was the County Seat for Hot Spring County from 1846 to 1879.

The Hunter-Dunbar expedition traveled the rapids of the Ouachita River on December3, 1804.

Rockport Methodist Church was erected 1836, after holding services in a private home as early as 1815.

Rockport Baptist began holding services in 1849 and housed Rockport's first school.

Military Road was established through Rockport in 1836 and was used to move troops from one end of the State to the other during the Civil War.

A skirmish was fought at Rockport on March 25, 1864 during the Civil War.

During the Arkansas Centennial Celebration on June 1936, President Franklin Roosevelt visited the State of Arkansas. The President and his party attended services at the Rockport Methodist Church. 

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