Sewer Utilities

The City of Rockport is in the process of installing sewer utilities for its residents and businesses. If you would like information on how to sign up for sewer or if you have questions about when the service will be available at your location, please feel free to contact us at 501-467-2982

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the Sewer Department for Rockport?

The Rockport Sewer Department can be contacted at the following numbers: 501-467-2982 or after hours, 501-467-5238

What forms of payment do you accept?

Sewer bills can be paid by personal check, money order, or cash.

Where do I send/make payment?

Deposits and monthly sewer payments can be made in person at the city hall, 1472 Military Road, Rockport, AR 72104, or by mail, City of Rockport Sewer, PO Box 816, Malvern, AR 72104.

What products should I never into the sewer system?

The sewer system is designed to carry human waste and wastewater to treatment facilities. Foreign objects and substances can result in damage. If repair or clogging is causes from household objects then expense to the account holder can occur. Therefore avoid introducing the following products into the system:

Feminine products, diapers, baby wipes, facial wipes, and other flushable wipes

Qtips, paper towels, tissues, condoms, cleaning pads, and gum

Medications, hypodermic needles, and cigarette butts

Pet waste and kitty litter

Cooking grease, fats, and oils (freeze then place in the trash)

Pet fish (skeletons don't break down) or gravel

Hair - Large masses of hair, pet or human, don't break apear and could cause blockage

Dental Floss

Food scraps